Help to Buy

With Help to Buy, you could get a 20% loan from the government to help you buy a new-build home.

The government provides a loan for 20% of the value of the home, and you provide a 5% deposit for the property. This means that you'll only need a mortgage for 75% of the property.

The government’s loan needs to be repaid within 25 years or when the property is sold, but you can also pay the loan off in full at any other point before the 25 year time limit. You only start to pay interest on the government loan six years after you take it out.


To be eligible for Help to Buy:

  • the property you want to buy should be your only home - if you’re an existing homeowner you must be selling your current property 
  • you need to have at least £2,500 to cover the costs of buying a home
  • you should have a minimum 5% deposit for the property
  • the property must be valued below £600,000
  • you must be able to fund a minimum of 75% of the price of the property through a conventional mortgage
  • you should be a British national citizen or have permanent leave to remain in the UK (people from member states of the EU/European Economic Area may also apply if they are currently living and working in the UK. A work permit is not proof of this).

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