Recently, people are increasingly addicted to shopping with so many shopping stores and markets that have emerged. Men and women like to go shopping at various web stores to shop for the things they want and like from the malls. That's an outlet. They handle things in plastic or paper bags which in turn are discarded when the goods are brought to their homes. These bags occur on the side of the road and are discarded every day, polluting the area every day.

The level of our environmental pollution has increased so much that it is now knocking on the door of our lives, threatening our existence. But to this day, we do not heed this threatening problem and therefore still use these bags instead of canvas bags for our shopping to make our environment a better place for our offspring.

 The situation is getting worse day by day; therefore we must immediately stop using these plastic or paper bags and must get acquainted with environmentally friendly canvas bags and totes i.e. available for sale in TAG & CREW Tag&Crew and will stop threatening our environment, hence our lives.

tote bags

Paper bags require more energy for production and produce more hazardous waste than plastic bags. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of the paper or plastic bag and use bags that are environmentally friendly or more environmentally friendly so that we can recycle materials and not pollute our environment. After shopping for our favorite products, we usually throw our shopping bags to the ground, thereby increasing pollution to our environment.