Due to the high level of change during the recession, there has been an increase in shifts and trends occurring within the electronic learning environment. The need for more talent management and a sudden surge in a change in the online learning industry in a tight labor market has forced most companies to adapt to changes.

These companies are now trying to focus more on new learning strategies and integrated performance through better learning technology. This condition has brought a number of changes in the industry, namely:

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• Reorganization of company development and their training process.

Because there has been a flood of updates and new releases from various learning software companies, most large companies that focus on e-courses have deviated from the conventional pathway of the corporate university model and become a shared service model.

Mainly, the goal of shared service organizations is to help maintain other business groups to achieve their goals. And basically, the shared service model is a type of internal function that offers advice and other services available to other different companies.

• Progress of company training

When eLearning online courses are extended to businesses, it is an inevitable fact that it must be used by business companies. Back in 2006, the progress and evolution of virtual learning as a source of training for employees spread quickly in various industries even though it was still not mainstream.