Boards have been an integral part of our learning curve. Let us be honest, we probably cannot learn a thing or two without our teacher taking notes of important stuff on the board using a chalk which often comes in different colors. However, as the time passed by, we also noticed how the old chalks and traditional board were terrible because of its massive fallouts and dusts getting in our eyes, nose and triggering allergies. Well, good thing there are custom dry erase boards in Charlotte NC now.

Because of the presence of these newly designed boards and pens, those days when we have to sniff on dusts are long gone and forgotten. Along with a newer set of equipment come some unique sets of advantages and benefits not just for the teachers but also with the students. Anyway, let us break down everything about whiteboards of new kind.

We will try to narrow down whether or not it is a smart investment or a waste of resources. By the end of this article, we will then understand what it is like to use this customized materials presented and what makes it different than the traditional ones. With that, deciding whether to upgrade or not is done accordingly.

Dry erase board usually comes in various kinds of materials. And when it is customized, you get to decide few of its characteristics. For instance, you could opt for such things to be magnetic or non magnetic. Other than that, you are prompted with huge choice of sizes merely based on your needs and area perimeter and so on.

But then, opting for this board should supposed to be based on materials because it affect the whole quality and cost of such a thing. For example, if you go on and choose a melamine board then you could take advantage of way lesser costs because it certainly is not that expensive at all. This also is great for teaching environment.

Though, this is not magnetic which opens it up for several downsides. It could really stain much over the time you use it and usually the life span does not last that long at all. Another kind of material you can look into closely is the porcelain. This has an impressive enamel surface which is a plus to the quality.

More than that, it actually is a scratch proof kind which is totally cool. It can come in magnetic quality, though it may stain a bit after you have been using it for quite some time. And its range would only be as good as midrange. A not so bad quality though. Last material you may check on for such boards is glass.

This one is definitely high in cost compared to the other two. It is tempered which is great because it acts as protection from scratches and other under the surface issues or problems. However, it would not be wise to use it during presentations for one reason, it is not white and that makes everything hard to see.

It basically is transparent so the image could distort or reflect somewhere else. However, it has a really durable and strong integration. In fact, this has the longest time span amongst the other. You could have this made magnetic if you wish and you could choose not to depending on your preference.