Are you sure you want to learn how to perfectly cook the best-fried chicken in a timely manner and regularly? You'll want to know about taking a little time just to rinse, season, clean and cook and see the chicken and cook until golden brown crisis?

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Here are some steps to create the most desirable in the fried chicken:

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1) First and foremost, you have to dilute your pieces that you plan to cook if they are very much frozen. Make sure that your pieces are completely thawed. In case you do not thaw chicken and frozen to move to the next step. Thawing time generally depends on the volume of the piece.

2) Next, you should clean and rinse your chicken. This is a fairly easy step. I usually use warm water in each of the numbers of chickens when cleaning and rinsing them. This will remove all loose dirt and grease.

3) After that, you have to season your chicken at your own judgment is good. I usually chicken lay me on some paper towel before seasoning. This will get rid of the clutter! Now bath seasoning you have chosen to apply on your pieces. It's on you on how much spice you desire to utilize. I usually recommend seasoning salt, and pepper.

4) In the fourth step, you need to coat the chicken with the flour you experienced. I recommend first place the flour in a large bowl appropriate for your chickens.