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Hemlington - "Your Area, Your Say"


What's Happening Now?

In the past Hemlington has seen a high turnover of tenants and limited demand for flats, particularly on the Dodford and Earls Court estates. Twenty-two properties on the Dodford estate were demolished in the summer of 2006.

Erimus Housing is developing a regeneration plan for Hemlington and our regeneration team consulted with local residents throughout September 2006 to gather information about issues affecting the area and to obtain a clear picture of what most concerned our tenants.

Over 150 responses were collected which identified concerns in a limited number of specific local areas, but also identified that there is still a high demand for houses in Hemlington and overall residents find the estate a nice place to live.

We are currently working with consultants to consider options to tackle these issues, identify the likely costs and consider the resources required to regenerate the area and make Hemlington a better place to live.

The regeneration team attended the Hemlington forums during November and December 2006 to feedback the results from the consultation events and we will undertake further consultation with residents in Spring 2007, to advise residents about options to improve the estate.

The Decent Homes investment in Hemlington is also due to commence in 2007. If you require further information on modernisation work, please see our investment programme section of the website for key dates.

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