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FAQ - Owners

Erimus Housing appreciates that the process of moving as part of the redevelopment of your area can be a difficult time and you will have concerns about finding a new home. Therefore, we have compiled this information sheet to try and answer some of the most frequently asked question by owner occupiers.

As part of our commitment to listen to residents we have developed this guide to ensure you have all the information available to help you move.

This information tells you about:

  • Rehousing options available to you
  • Available compensation
  • The process of selling your house
  • Contact details to make your move as smooth as possible

Erimus Housing has a dedicated team of officers to answer your questions and help you through the process of selling your old home and finding a new one.

What options do I have for rehousing as a home owner?

You will be personally visited by a senior officer from our regeneration team, who will fully explain the options available, arrange for your home to be valued by our surveyor and advise you of any relevant compensation.

If you are willing to sell voluntarily, Erimus will pay full market value for your home. You will be given the option to obtain your own valuation, providing this is undertaken by a RICS registered surveyor.

If you have owned your property for more than a year, you will be paid a home loss payment equal to 10% of the property value, disturbance allowance, legal fees, survey and valuation fees (where relevant, up to a reasonable limit).

You can choose to rent a property from Erimus Housing by registering through choice based lettings for suitable properties.

You can decide to swap your home (homeswap) for an Erimus Housing property which is of a similar value which may be anywhere throughout the Middlesbrough area

Can I be rehoused by Erimus?

You can move into an Erimus Housing property as a tenant once the sale of your existing property is agreed. Our homechoice accommodation agency has properties throughout the Middlesbrough area.

You will need to register to bid on properties of your choice. Once registered you will receive a welcome pack and password; you can then start bidding on properties from the available property list which is advertised on the Erimus Housing website or alternatively can be picked up on a fortnightly basis from your local area housing office. For more details contact homechoice on 08000 461600.

How does the homechoice banding system work?

You will be given priority status over all other priority groups. This means you will be placed into priority band one and will be given priority over those in bands two, three and four on the homechoice system. The allocation of a property is based on the date you were informed of the decision to demolish your property and the date you registered with homechoice. Remember - Early registration is important.

What is the Erimus Housing homeswap scheme?

The homeswap scheme is available to homeowners that cannot afford to buy another property on the open market. We can offer you the opportunity to ‘swap’ your home for another Erimus property of a similar value anywhere within Middlesbrough. This means you will effectively sell your property to Erimus Housing and then purchase the alternative property. If the property is of a higher value you will need to make up the difference, similarly, if you swap to a property of a lower value you will be refunded the difference. Owners wanting a homeswap will be able to consider properties made available through the choice based lettings scheme.

How is the value of my house decided?

An officer from Erimus Housing will contact you personally to begin negotiations to buy your home. With your agreement we will instruct our surveryor to arrange an appointment to visit you and value your home. We will also pay reasonable professional fees for you to have legal advice. You can instruct a surveyor of your choice to represent you and negotiate on your behalf.

What if I disagree with the value of my house given by Erimus Housing’s appointed valuer?

If you disagree with the value of your property you can appoint a chartered surveyor to act on your behalf during negotiations. If the value is different, your surveyor and Erimus Housings valuer will negotiate an agreed figure.

As an owner occupier will I receive compensation for improvements I have made to my property?

You will receive open market value for your property and any improvements will be reflected in the valuation of your property. The value will not be affected by the redevelopment plans for your area.

I own my home outright and don’t think I can afford another mortgage, how will the plans affect me?

There will be an opportunity for owner occupiers to move to an Erimus Housing property, buy a property of a similar value or buy a property through a shared ownership scheme. The details of shared equity are currently being developed by Erimus however there are a number of schemes available through homebuy in the North East and we can discuss this with you in more detail depending on your personal circumstances.

What compensation am I entitled to?

As a homeowner you are entitled to:

  • Full market value of your home.
  • A home loss payment (10% of the market value) To qualify for a home loss payment you must have lived in your home for a minimum of 12 months.
  • A disturbance allowance, which will cover reasonable costs associated with moving home.
  • Reasonable costs associated with legal fees

Will I be covered for the cost of my home furnishings?

Erimus Housing will make a disturbance payment, which covers the reasonable costs of moving to another property. The following costs can be covered:

  • Replacing carpets and curtains, which cannot be fitted in your new home. This does not mean the full cost of replacing these items the amount given will depend on the condition of the articles.
  • The removal costs for transporting furniture to your new home
  • Reconnection of appliances, (such as Sky satellite systems and telephones).

Our Commitment to You:

If your home is going to be affected by the redevelopment of the area we will help you through your move, making as many of the arrangements for you as possible.

Our policy is to keep you fully informed throughout this period and during the re-housing process. We will minimise disruption and try to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible.

Contact Details:

The regeneration team is committed to listening to your views and assisting you through the relocation process. The team are available to answer your questions and any concerns you may have, so please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns:

Mike Gappy – regeneration officer / 01642 773621
Samantha Hopson –housing liaison & relocation officer / 01642 773619

or email

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