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Openness and Transparency

Erimus Housing and its partner companies recognise the importance of ensuring that high standards of probity, transparency and openness exist.

Whilst Erimus Housing is not subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, it has recognised for many years that it must be accountable for its actions, and that information should be shared to allow scrutiny of these actions.

Our openness and transparency policy has been developed to demonstrate this commitment and to complement the governance policies already in place. 

Our website provides a variety of information relating to policies and procedures and the openness and transparency policy has recently allowed for the expansion of this information provision.

We have taken a balanced approach in sharing information and will publish:

  • Biographies and photographs of board members and the executive management team members
  • Board and committee meeting agendas and minutes
  • Declarations of interests register
  • Board member payments and expenses
  • Gifts and hospitality register
  • Development expenditure over £500
  • Policy information
  • Performance information
  • Annual report and accounts
  • Any other information that is felt relevant to our stakeholders

We will consider other requests for information; however, Erimus Housing reserve the right to refuse such requests. Erimus Housing may decide not to disclose the following, but this list is not restricted:

  • Information relating to personal matters involving named individuals
  • Information seen to be critical to the running of the business
  • Information where it is felt to share it would put the business at risk
  • Information relating to legal matters

Board and committee meetings will be open to the public. Anyone attending as a member of the public will be in attendance as an observer by pre-arrangement and will be asked to leave where sensitive confidential items are discussed.

The decision on whether a report is to be presented as confidential lies with the members of the executive management team and relevant chair.

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