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Your Lease - Selling Your Property

What if I want to sell my flat?

It is usual for your solicitor to deal with the sale of your property. Your solicitor will ask for certain information about the property and your service charges from you as the leaseholder and Erimus as the freeholder. This is to make sure that we have both kept to the conditions of the lease.

As freeholder, we will pass on all relevant information relating to the property and the lease to your solicitors so that the people buying your flat and their solicitor will have all the information they need to complete the sale. A charge will be made to the solicitor for providing this information.

We will:

  • Provide copies of the previous three years service charge accounts.
  • Tell the solicitor about any service charge debts and account balances.
  • Tell the solicitor about any work we are carrying out to or plan to carry out.

It is your responsibility to fill in the vendor’s questionnaire, this informs the person buying your property about all matters relating to the property. The contractual relationship exists between you and your buyer directly. If you do not provide a full and honest response the buyer may take legal action against you.

The solicitor of the new leaseholder must inform Erimus Housing of the sale and provide a notice of transfer / assignment for the incoming leaseholder within 21 days.

If you purchased your flat after 18th January 2005 and you wish to sell your flat within the ten years following purchase you are legally obliged to inform Erimus Housing who are entitled to the first right of refusal to buy back the property.

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