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Works to Your Home - Responsibilities

What are my repairs and maintenance responsibilities?

The inside of your flat, and any service pipes and cables that service your flat only, are your responsibility. This includes items such as heating, internal doors, pipework and decoration.

What are Erimus Housing's repairs and maintenance responsibilities?

We will keep in good repair the structure and exterior of the building and the communal areas. This includes roofs, drains, windows (frames, not the glass), external doors, communal lighting and shared paths.

If repairs to the building or communal areas are needed, this should be reported to the contact centre on 08000 461 600.

These repairs will receive the same priority as if reported by a tenant, and dealt with depending upon the urgency accordingly. For further information refer to ‘How quickly will the repair be carried out?’

We will carry out repairs as necessary and you will be charged a share of the cost of these works as part of your service charge, depending upon the number of flats in the block.

Damage to your home

If you, your family or invited friends cause damage to the common parts of a building you live in then you must either make good the damage or pay us for any costs we incur in repairing the damage or replacement of an item. This also applies to fixtures and fittings damaged through neglect or carelessness.

If any damage is caused to your home by an accident in an adjoining property (e.g. a flood) then you can claim on the property insurance arranged by us. Contact the office, provide an estimate and crime number if applicable. Please note the insurance company must agree the claim before you proceed with the work, otherwise you may be liable for the full cost of the repair, if not covered by insurance.

Please note that this insurance covers the building only so any damage suffered to your personal effects must be claimed on your own household insurance.

Can I install my own windows and doors?

If you want to install your own windows and doors you must write to our Home Ownership Team to request permission to do so. We will inspect the property once the installation is complete to ensure the work has been carried out to an acceptable standard.

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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