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Works to Your Home - Major Works

Major works and planned repairs are large one-off works of repair, improvement or redecoration to your building or the area around your building.

These works are different from ‘day-to-day’ repairs. They are always planned except in emergency situations. They are needed when major parts of the building or area wear out, such as the roof or pathways, or when decorations are planned for the outside or shared areas inside, such as stairways.

All leaseholders must contribute towards the cost of major repairs and for the cost of external and communal area decorations.

Where provided for in leases Erimus Housing will establish sinking funds to provide for future major repairs and so avoid large one-off service charge demands. We will also seek to establish sinking funds for other buildings on a voluntary basis.

Calculation of sinking fund contributions will be based on a professional assessment of the life expectancy of the building components.

When major / investment works are required to your block, such as lift installation, cavity wall insulation, window replacement or rewiring communal areas, in line with the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, we will carry out a consultation process with all leaseholders.

This is a legal process that must be adhered to, which enables your landlord to charge leaseholders for their share of the costs for investment works, improvements or long term contracts.

The type of consultation followed is dependant upon the costs of the work involved and the potential cost to each leaseholder.

For a more detailed explanation of the act, please refer to the CLG booklet 'Residential Long Leases'. Copies are available from our Home Ownership Team or the Leasehold Advisory Service.

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