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What is a Leaseholder?

What is a Leaseholder?

Once you have completed the purchase on your property you will become an Erimus Housing leaseholder.

As a leaseholder you do not own the land surrounding your home or the building it is in. However, you have bought the right to live in your home for a fixed number of years (your lease will state the term).

Erimus Housing will be the landlord of your building, which means we will be responsible for the building structure, internal communal areas and the grounds and gardens within the estate.

As a leaseholder, you will be responsible for contributing towards the cost of repairs and maintenance of any internal/external common areas and the provision of communal services.

We encourage all potential leaseholders to attend an interview with a member of the Home Ownership Team to discuss the rights and responsibilities of both parties as well as the cost implications of becoming a leaseholder.

Becoming a Leaseholder

Erimus Housing has a dedicated team on hand to offer you expert advice on all aspects of your lease. We will provide you with information about the services you receive and the cost of these services.

We provide efficient, value for money services to our leaseholders, ensuring that service charges are reasonable for the services provided and that all services are of a high standard.

We will consult you as required by legislation and also on proposed changes to policy or practice which will affect the management of your home or estate.

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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