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Yours as the Leaseholder

You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of everything inside your home or which relates solely to it. This includes:

  • Internal walls, plasterwork, ceilings and floor services
  • Tanks, cisterns, drains, pipes, ducts, conduits, plumbing and wiring which service your home only
  • Window glass (but not window frames)
  • External doors to your home (but not door frames)
  • Internal doors and door frames
  • The TV aerial and fittings
  • Water heating
  • The electric circuits and fittings
  • All plumbing pipe work
  • Fittings and sanitary ware inside the flat other then shared pipes and drains
  • All services including water, gas, electricity and the phone (if any) from point of entry into the flat
  • Boundary hedges and fences
  • Gardens and steps if they are used only by you
  • Internal fixtures and fittings unless they belong to Erimus – for example door entry handset and system or a communal TV aerial and socket might be an Erimus fixture
  • Internal decorations
  • Reporting shared repairs

As a leaseholder you must:

  • Pay ground rent
  • Pay all service charges due on demand under the terms of your lease for annual services, repairs, improvements and insurance
  • Keep your home in good repair, including internal decorations
  • Keep your home in a clean and orderly condition; some leaseholders may also be responsible for helping to keep adjacent communal areas clean and tidy
  • Allow Erimus or its workmen access to your home if given reasonable notice or in an emergency
  • Write to our Home Ownership Team and inform us of your intention to sublet your property. You should tell us your mailing address and contact telephone number. You will be responsible if your subtenant breaks any of the lease conditions.

As a leaseholder you must not:

  • Make alterations to the building without Erimus’ prior consent
  • Use the building for business purposes
  • Cause a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours or let other members of your household do so
  • Cause damage to the building or fix any sign or otherwise disfigure any of the communal buildings, fences or walls

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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