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Ours As The Landlord

Erimus is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the exterior elements and main structure of the building and the area around it.

The following list is intended as a quick reference guide:

  • Main structural parts of the building including the roof, gutters, rainwater pipes, chimneys, foundations, and walls (but not wall plaster)
  • Joists and beams
  • Loft spaces and the fittings and equipment within them which serve more than one home
  • Tanks, cisterns, drains, pipes, gutters, sewers, ducts, conduits, plumbing and wiring which serve more than one home
  • External doors and window frames (but not glass)
  • Door entry systems
  • Outside painting
  • Communal hallways, corridors, stairways, doors, door frames, door entry systems, lifts and other shared internal spaces
  • Communal gardens, paths, parking areas, recreation areas and other shared external areas
  • Shared TV aerials
  • The heating system if there is a communal heating system

Erimus Housing must:

  • Consult with you concerning certain repairs and services
  • Insure the building and carry out repairs to it following loss due to such events as fire or flood
  • Provide the services set out in the lease (These are usually listed in section one of the lease)
  • Provide you with information on your service charges in the form of a service charge schedule, in line with legislation at the end of each financial year
  • Provide you with a summary copy of your buildings insurance once agreed at the beginning of the financial year.
  • For more information on consulting you about major repairs see ‘Major Works’

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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