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Buildings Insurance

What is the insurance charge?

Under the terms of your lease Erimus has responsibility for providing buildings insurance for your home. Buildings insurance is currently provided by Zurich Municipal. Erimus Housing insures your property and recovers the cost through your service charge.

The policy covers the exterior and structure of the building (plus common parts in the case of flats) and some internal fixtures. A buildings insurance summary of cover and policy is available on request. Alternatively we will provide these documents to you each year with your annual insurance charge.

The insurance in place does not cover furniture and personal effects and we strongly recommend you purchase household contents cover for these items.

We will advise you of the sum insured, which is the amount it would cost to rebuild your property in the event of total loss or destruction at the start of your policy and advise you of the revised figure annually. We will ensure that the value is adjusted annually for inflation, to ensure your value remains accurate for your property.

The benefits of Erimus Housing arranging this insurance are that:

  • All leaseholders have adequate insurance to protect all tenants in the building
  • Erimus Housing can usually obtain lower rates of insurance than those available elsewhere

Understanding what you are covered for:

The summary of cover provides a summary of significant features, benefits and limitations of the insurance cover.


We hope that you never have to make a claim, but if you do we aim to make it as simple as possible.

Claims should be notified directly to Farr Insurance who administer the buildings insurance on behalf of Erimus Housing.

If you need to make a claim the following are the details you will need:

Policy Number  12/RSL/10167A

Claim Line        0845 129 8016

Farr Insurance will complete the claim form on your behalf over the phone and advise you if your claim is valid. If so, they will arrange for a reputable contractor to carry out the required work.

Out of Hours Emergencies: should you need emergency assistance in dealing with a crisis such as flooding, a burst pipe or storm damage for example, there is an out of hours emergency help line:0161 835 5558. You will need to confirm that you are an Erimus leaseholder and quote the policy number shown above.

What if my property is sublet?

If you are subletting your home this affects the insurance cover in place. You should notify Erimus Housing if you sublet your home.

If you need to make a claim, and you have not told us the property is sub-let your insurance claim may be affected.


We will regularly review the quality of the insurance cover and cost to ensure it provides value for money. We will consult with you on any changes we propose regarding the insurance provider.


It is important that some changes in your circumstances are reported as they may affect your insurance. We will write to you every year to remind you of changes you should tell us about. An example of this would be the property being sub-let or improvements / alterations to the property.


Erimus Housing can provide you with a contents insurance service and we strongly advise you to have this policy in place either with ourselves or an insurance company of your choice. To arrange your contents insurance via Erimus Housing please call out Contact Centre on 08000 461 600.

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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