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Managing Estates

Managing estates, shared areas and estate services

We are currently responsible for maintaining a number of shared areas where we own properties.

We will cut grassed areas on the estates as necessary to make sure that grass is kept short and tidy. Your local housing office can tell you when your grass is due to be cut. The grassed areas should also be kept free of litter.

The shrub beds on your estate will be weeded and kept free of litter. Shrubs and hedges are generally pruned two or three times a year, depending on the type of shrub.

Every eight weeks we undertake Estate Walkabouts which gives you the chance to look around your neighbourhoods with your local estate officer and show us any concerns you may have and highlight any problems. For further information and details of your next walkabout please contact your local area office.

When we are informed of graffiti will remove it on a priority basis depending upon the nature. If you see graffiti please report it to us and we will arrange for it to be removed.

Vandalism is an inconvenience for us all, and costs you money. If you see someone damaging shared areas or facilities, please contact the police and telephone our contact centre on 08000 461 600.

If you live in a block of flats, we will clean the shared area. A lot of our buildings are different, so we will adapt the cleaning tasks to the type of building. Please contact us if you want more details about cleaning the shared areas in your building.

Your home will be a nicer place if it is clean. We will make sure we carry out cleaning when we are supposed to. However, you can help keep your building clean by:

  • Always getting rid of your rubbish by placing it in the correct bins
  • Telling us if you see anyone causing damage or writing graffiti
  • Telling us if there is a repair needed in your area (for example a broken light)
  • Contacting us if you have any concerns, complaints or compliments about our cleaning service
  • If you live in a block that has a door entry system, making sure you only allow people in who are visiting you, and telling us if the system is not working
  • Using the locks on the bin store doors (if there are any)

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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