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Charges & Funds - Insurance Charges

What is the insurance charge?

Under the terms of your lease Erimus Housing has responsibility for providing buildings insurance for your home. Buildings insurance is currently provided by Farr Insurancel. Erimus Housing insures your property and recovers the cost through your service charge.

The policy covers the exterior and structure of the building (plus common parts in the case of flats) and some internal fixtures. A buildings insurance summary of cover and policy is available on request. You must insure the contents yourself. This covers furniture and personal effects. We can take no responsibility for any loss on these items.

The insurance is arranged through a block policy and you will be provided with a summary of cover at renewal. The sum insured for each property will be the amount it would cost to rebuild in the event of total loss or destruction.

The benefits of Erimus Housing arranging this insurance are that:

  • All leaseholders have adequate insurance to protect all tenants in the building
  • Erimus Housing can usually obtain lower rates of insurance than those available elsewhere

The insurance policy does not cover your contents. Erimus Housing can provide you with a contents insurance service and we strongly advise you to have this policy in place either with ourselves or an insurance company of your choice. To arrange your contents insurance via Erimus Housing please call our contact centre on 08000 461600.

If the damage is caused by a burglary or vandalism, you should contact the Police immediately and obtain an incident number.

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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