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Charges & Funds - Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about my annual invoice

If you have a query about your service charge invoice please contact our Home Ownership Team, and quote your customer account number, this can be found on the front of your invoice.

What if I don’t think I am getting a good quality service from Erimus Housing?

We constantly strive to deliver excellent services. If you feel that this is not being provided please contact the service manager as soon as possible. It is often not possible to sort out problems concerning service delivery long after the problem has occurred. We therefore recommend you get in touch with us at the earliest point so that we can address any issues with you.

What if I want to question the amount I have been charged?

As a leaseholder you have a legal right to request a written summary of the costs included in the service charge. We do advise that we can only provide information relating to the current or last annual period. Upon receiving your request Erimus will respond within one month or six months form the end of the accounting period if this is the later. If more than four flats are involved Erimus must ensure that the summary is certified by a qualified accountant.

Once we have provided you with the summary, you have up to six months to ask to inspect and copy any relevant accounts or receipts. We must provide a summary and a place to look at the documents free of charge, although we are allowed to make a reasonable charge for copying documents. We are also allowed to recover all costs as part of the management and administration element of the service charge when we send out your next annual service charge invoice.

What can I do if I think the service charges are unreasonable?

If you feel that your service charges are unreasonable please contact our Home Ownership Team. Where possible we will clarify any issues with you, however if you are still not happy and we cannot resolve the issue with you, you do have the right to take your case to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT). The LVT will hear both sides of a dispute and will give a decision based on the evidence, judgement and experience of the LVT members. We must at this point advise you that you will have to pay a fee for this service.

You can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor for advice at any time.

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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