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Charges & Funds - Payment Difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your service charges, please contact our Home Ownership Team immediately on 08000 461 600. Our staff are trained to offer assistance and guidance as to what help is available we will always be reasonable in working with you to reduce arrears. If you have a difficulty, we would encourage you to make an appointment with our Home Ownership Team to discuss and resolve any problem you may have in paying your charge. In most cases a suitable repayment plan can be agreed.

Remember – ask for advice as early as possible before arrears become too large. We want to help.

If you do not discuss issues with us, ignore our letters or break agreements, firm action will be taken. If after you have received help and advice you are still making no attempt to reduce your arrears or you continue to break agreements some or all of the following actions can be taken depending upon individual circumstances:-

  • Making contact with your mortgage lender (if applicable). Your mortgage lenders have a legal interest in your property. To protect this, they will often pay any arrears to prevent legal action being taken. These costs will be added to your outstanding mortgage balance.
  • Forfeiture, this means that we will serve you with a notice of seeking possession and ultimately ask the court to allow us to repossess your property.
  • Small claims court, this means that we will apply to the local County Court for a debt judgement. This action will result in court costs and possibly a county court judgement against you. The court will decide how to enforce the payment if the arrears remain outstanding.

We allow leaseholders every opportunity to pay arrears without resorting to further action. Taking on a mortgage to buy your home is a big financial commitment. Remember your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loans secured on it.

Please take independent advice as we cannot advise you on your individual financial circumstances. You may also want to discuss other matters such as life assurance and mortgage protection policies.

The Financial Services Authority can be contacted on 0245 606 1234 and can provide general guidance and leaflets to consumers.

There are a number of providers and different types of mortgage products on the market. You should consider the options available to you and compare the costs of borrowing and other matters such as arrangement fees.

  • For help with major repair and investment costs contact our Home Ownership Team
  • For free help and support on a wide range of money matters contact the Tandem Team (for more information follow this link)
  • If you are having problems with your mortgage payment, contact your mortgage lender
  • For independent advice contact your loca Citizens Advice Bureau.

Contact us by calling our contact centre on 08000 461600 or by emailing

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