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Neighbourhood Committees

What do they do?

If you’re passionate about improving the way we work in your neighbourhoods then neighbourhood committees could be for you. You will receive reports on local issues and the neighbourhood plans for your area, and get a chance to influence how we spend money improving where you live. We want your views as a customer on how we can improve services locally and what is happening, so we can address local issues and make you proud of where you live. Neighbourhoods committees might contain residents from a number of Neighbourhoods and can cover an area as large as Hartlepool, or part of Middlesbrough or Stockton.

How much time does it involve?

Neighbourhood committees will meet once every three months, but you may get involved in between, in smaller groups, if you wish, as we work together making changes your local committee has agreed are best for your neighbourhood. Meetings will usually last about three hours.

Where do they meet?

Meetings will take place in centres in your neighbourhood.

Who can join the committees?

The neighbourhood committee will be made up of tenants, residents leaseholders and private tenants from different parts of your neighbourhood, and may include people from other landlords too who live in your area. They may include local agencies working in your area such as community safety, health, education and the local council. Numbers will be limited to 20 per committee.


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