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Customer Involvement

Hello and welcome to getting involved...

Welcome to the new guide to getting involved. It doesn’t matter whether…

  • You’re a tenant, leaseholder or shared owner
  • Living where we have homes as a owner or private tenant
  • You’re working full time, part time or unemployed
  • You live in one of our towns or rural communities
  • You’re young or old
  • You’re fit and active or have problems with disability or mobility

Whatever your situation we have a way for you and your family to play an active part in your community and tell us where we need to improve our services. We will provide transport, child care and support to help you volunteer to become involved so don’t worry if these things might be a problem.

We want to hear your views, we want you to influence how we spend money in your neighbourhoods and most of all we want you feel valued as a customer and feel your views matter.

We have an ambition to have 10% of all customers actively involved in giving their views and helping to shape our business. We know this is ambitious when you consider that this adds up to more than 3,000 households. However, we are up for this challenge if you are. We even have a name for this collective group of involved people. It’s called the 'Customer Voice' and we would love you to be part of it.

Whatever you choose to become involved in, you will receive training to make sure you can fully participate. This can enhance your skills which you can use for life and work.

Find out more about all the ways to get involved here.

The customer involvement team can be contacted on 01642 256170 / 08000 461 600 or via email by clicking on this link.


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