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Neighbourhood Auditors

What do they do?

As a Neighbourhood Auditor you will check that the standards and promises made to you by your landlord, reporting on the quality and standard of services delivered. This might include standards of grass cutting and grounds maintenance, cleaning of flats and communal areas and the general appearance of the estate or area where you live. You can also comment from your armchair, on what you see outside and send in your views. You can choose one or more of these activities to be involved in.

How much time does it involve?

Working as part of a team with other residents you will carry out your inspections once a month or when the service has just been delivered and can be involved in some or all of the tasks mentioned above. Inspections can last from as little as an hour (inspection of communal areas in flats and grass cutting) to up to two hours (estate walkabout).

Where do they meet?

Depending on what you’re doing they could meet in your block, or in different parts of your estate or neighbourhood, or you could send in your comments from your armchair by e mail or by post.

Who can be an auditor ?

Anyone who lives in our home, on our estates or in our neighbourhoods. We have no limit on the number of customers who can be involved in these activities.

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