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Exchanges and Transfers

Mutual Exchanges

This is an alternative way of moving to another Erimus Housing or housing association property. A mutual exchange is where a tenant swaps their current home with a tenant from another council or housing association.

A mutual exchange can be agreed anywhere in the country. Erimus Housing keeps lists of people who are interested in exchanges.

To be eligible, tenants must be up to date with their rent, and their property must be in a good state of repair. They should also make sure that the property they are moving to is in good condition, as they will take on all the responsibilities for any alterations to the property by the previous tenant.

Tenants of properties with built-in adaptations for people with disabilities or tenants of sheltered housing for older people can only exchange with someone who needs this type of property. Tenants will need permission from Erimus Housing to exchange. To exchange with the tenant of another landlord, permission is required in writing from Erimus Housing and the other landlord.

Find out more by contacting your local neighbourhood housing office.


Erimus Housing tenants who would like to move to another Erimus Housing home can do so through a transfer. To apply for a transfer to another property, a tenant must have lived in their current home for a period of at least one year.

Before Erimus Housing can offer a transfer:

  • The current property must be in a good state of repair and decoration;
  • The rent must have been paid in full and on time for the last six months, any other debts to Erimus Housing must have been paid;
  • Where rent arrears have accrued, transfer requests will be considered only in exceptional circumstances;
  • There must be no other breaches of tenancy conditions.

To apply for a transfer, tenants will need to join the Compass choice based lettings scheme and should complete an online registration form. Click here for details.

Alternatively you can call into one of our offices where a member of staff will help you register. A booklet containing all the details about the scheme can be downloaded here.


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