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Community Investment

We are very keen to support investment in our neighbourhoods, not only in the core towns where we have large numbers of properties but also if you live in one of our rural areas. We call this community investment.

Every year, we will target areas within our neighbourhoods which we know you would like to see us invest in. This might be large open spaces that have fallen into misuse or health and wellbeing projects we wish to introduce into our communities.

We also wish to engage and invest more fully in areas where we have properties in small numbers outside the three main areas of operation within the Thirteen Group with annual consultation and community development events bespoke to that community. Not all neighbourhoods and estates will be big enough for a local neighbourhood plan. This is particularly true where there are areas where our homes are small in number (10-30 homes).

There are some excellent projects which we have worked with to piggy back on their activities, whilst also gathering feedback and views from our customers. These include;

  • projects with schools for gardening and cross generational activities
  • over 40s men’s sports club to alleviate loneliness
  • breakfast clubs
  • cookery classes
  • singing lessons
  • basic computer courses
  • healthy eating and budgeting classes

We also support ideas for activities such as the sponsorship of other meetings like Zumba class coffee gatherings (after class) to gather opinions from local people and consultation at school gates to gather local opinion.

What else on community onvestment ?

In some areas, there may be a large housing provider which we work with where we can put you in touch with its team of local volunteer customers so you can make a difference locally.

In some areas, like Gateshead or parts of Durham and York, our involvement service is delivered by a local housing association or company. If you want to know how to get involved in these areas, just call us and we will out you in touch with the local service. We also welcome your involvement in our involvement groups, so please do get in touch and we can give you more information on how to get involved

How do I get involved in community investment activities ?

Just get in touch and we will put you in touch with your local customer involvement officer. We are keen to work with local people to set up our annual visits to your area to gather views, ideas and feedback to improve our services in your area.


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