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Disabled Persons Housing Service

What is the DPHS?

The Erimus Homechoice Disabled Persons Housing Service is here to help people with particular special needs access more suitable housing opportunities.

This includes helping housing applicants with particular disabilities, older people requiring sheltered housing, people with complex health problems and people with other special needs.

What can the service offer me?

Our sensitive service can help you access a range of housing specifically for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities, physical or for elderly people in need of appropriate accommodation.

Contact the service if:

  • You have housing needs and consider yourself to be vulnerable or disabled because of physical disability, mental ill health, learning disability, or age related frailty
  • You are struggling in your current home and need specialist, adapted or supported housing
  • You are a carer and need to move closer to the person you care for, or you are cared for and need to move closer to your carer
  • You are elderly and need sheltered or extra care housing

How can the service help?

If you register on the Homechoice scheme and have noted on your form that you have particular specialist needs, the Disabled Persons Housing Serviceis automatically made aware of your situation. We will then contact you directly to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

So that we can fully understand your circumstances and housing requirements, we may need to gather more information from your doctor, the social services department or request an occupational therapy assessment. We would not arrange any of this without first asking for your permission.

What happens next?

When we have talked to you about your needs and the assessments have confirmed your situation, we will let you know in writing how we can assist you to access a suitable property.

If you want to remain in your current property, an occupational therapist and technical officer will assess whether this property can be made suitable for your needs.  In some circumstances we may offer alternative accommodation to meet your long term housing need.

If you require specialist or urgent housing, in certain circumstances, you will be given a priority banding to help you to be housed as quickly as possible. Some people requiring specialist adapted properties, or very sheltered housing, will be directly matched to properties that become available within the scheme and will not be required to bid.

If you are assessed as not requiring specialist accommodation or support, we will encourage you to bid for a property within the general scheme. The Disabled Persons Housing Service will not always need to remain involved.

How do you find appropriate accommodation?

We advertise properties on the choice based lettings scheme and these are labelled if they have specialist features such as level access showers or stairlifts. People who have a medical need for these features will be given a priority on the scheme for these properties. Please see the choice based lettings scheme details for information on how to bid on the scheme.

We have a number of adapted properties or in some situations the team can also help with other alternatives such as carrying out adaptations if you are currently living in an Erimus property.

We have a number of sheltered housing schemes for elderly and disabled people throughout Middlesbrough, Stockton and Billingham. Tenants are contacted on a daily basis and visited regularly by experienced friendly staff and all schemes have a meeting room to enable tenants to get together for social activities such as bingo, coffee mornings, luncheon clubs and bowls.

A list of the schemes available can be downloaded here. If you have and queries about this kind of accommodation please contact Rose Edwards through our call centre on 08000 461600.

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