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How Your Complaint Will be Dealt With

Our complaints procedure

We asked our customers what mattered to them when making a complaint and based on this information we changed our complaints policy and procedure.

We understand it is important for you to have your complaint dealt with as quickly as possible. The majority of complaints can be sorted out by discussing the issues with the relevant members of staff and that is why our procedure encourages this.

We encourage customers to work with our front line staff to resolve any problems at the first point of contact and our employees will assist you as much as possible in resolving any issues that you may have.

If you feel that a manager should deal with the issues you raise, a more detailed investigation is required or the complaint is about a member of staff, the details will be taken and it will be passed to the team leader or supervisor responsible for the service you have complained about to deal with.

The team leader or supervisor will contact you, investigate the issues you have raised and confirm the outcome of the complaint, giving you a full explanation of the reason for the decision reached.

If the complaint you make is about one of our managers, or you wish to appeal the decision made by the team leader or supervisor their senior manager will investigate the matter and confirm the outcome, giving a full explanation of the reason for the decision reached.

Is there anyone else I can turn to if I am still not happy?

Unfortunately, there are occasions when you might not be satisfied with the outcome of a complaint. If this is the case, you can contact a designated person which is any MP, your local councillor or the Thirteen Customer Complaints Panel.

Following this if the designated person is unable to help you they can refer the matter to the Ombudsman.

If you prefer not to contact a designated person you can still refer your complaint to the Ombudsman but at least eight weeks must have passed from the final decision on your complaint before they will consider your case.

Click here from more information on this process.

The Independent Housing Ombudsman

The Independent Housing Ombudsman provides a free and independent service.

You can telephone the Ombudsman for a free complaint form on 0300 111 3000, or visit the website at for further information on the designated person role and the Ombudsman service.

Alternatively you can email the ombudsman at if your complaint is being referred by a designated person or eight weeks have passed since the receipt of the final decision about your complaint or complete complaints form available from the ombudsman website

Unreasonable and persistent complaints?

Although these cases are rare, there are occasions where we have fully investigated a complaint, all the options to resolve it have been looked into and a customer continues to complain about the same issue or the complaint may even be malicious.

Where this happens we may decide that we are unable to assist any further and view the case as closed and no further action will be taken on complaints about the same issue.

The decision on whether a complaint is to be treated in this manner will be made by a senior manager and the person making the complaint will be advised of the reasons for any decision.

What about unacceptable behaviour?

Our employees will make every effort to help you; however we do not expect them to put up with abusive, insulting or threatening behaviour. Employees will record any of these incidents. A decision will then be made by a senior manager about whether we will limit our contact with you.

If you have behaved in this way, we will tell you the restrictions and the reasons why.



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