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Complaints, Compliments and Feedback

At Erimus Housing, tenants are our priority and we strive to provide excellent services to fully meet the needs of our residents.

We aim to provide high quality services and to continuously improve the services we deliver. We therefore welcome all compliments, complaints and feedback from our customers and aim to learn from them to make improvements to services.


Compliments are important to us as they show where we are getting things right and recognise the hard work of staff members working to provide services for you. Any compliment is shared with the staff or teams that have received it, as well as their manager or head of service.

If we can use a compliment to benefit the company, we will make sure it is shared across the business.


If you feel that we should be doing things a different way, please tell us.

Any suggestions or requests for service we receive will be sent to a manager who will make sure we use the suggestions when we study our services, policies and procedures.


Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, there may be times you are dissatisfied with the service or information you have received. Any complaints we receive are dealt with via our complaints procedure. For more information on our complaints procedure click here.

To download a copy of our complaints form, click here.

A compliment, complaint or feedback can be made by any means, including by telephone, in writing, or by speaking to a member of Erimus Housing staff at your local neighbourhood office. You can also make a complaint using an online form.

Again, we will ensure that the information received from complaints is taken into account as part of our continual process of improvement and when a policy or procedure is reviewed.

If you need help with sending us a compliment, feedback or making a complaint, please get in touch with your local housing office. You can find full contact details here.



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