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Erimus Futures

Erimus Futures Erimus Futures Erimus Futures

At Erimus Housing, we’re committed to community investment in line with our five year strategic plan.

We recognise that our role as a business is not just to invest in bricks and mortar, but also in the communities our properties are in.

We want to create sustainable communities, partly through working with others to empower, motivate and raise the aspirations of young people.

That’s what our Erimus Futures scheme is all about.

Erimus Futures aims to:

  • Enhance job prospects
  • Help create a valued community
  • Reduce crime and vandalism
  • Help create a healthier community
  • Raise the aspirations of young people

We work in partnership with a range of organisations, including:

  • Unity City Academy (UCA)
  • Middlesbrough Football Club in the Community (MFCC)
  • Business in the Community (BITC)
  • Dramography
  • Middlesbrough Council
  • Community Campus
  • ROK
  • Dunelm


The Erimus Experience is an extended work experience run in partnership with UCA. The young people get an introduction to Erimus and an overview of the company. They then get chance to get their hands dirty during the work experience week and try out practical tasks as well as shadowing a member of staff.

Students are then given the opportunity to come back and do further work during the school holidays.

Not only does the project give them a good understanding of Erimus as a workplace, we’re also able to give a strong reference as they move forward to college or work placements.

Learn and Let Live - Erimus is working with a range of partners to deliver the Learn and let live course, which aims to teach young people skills to help them live independently, such as cooking, DIY skills and first aid.

Youth Involvement - A young persons group now meets on a regular basis to consider how Erimus can engage with younger people, particularly around communication and involvement.

The group has already come up with some ideas to improve communication between Erimus and young people, such as text messaging, web blogs, email surveys and an interactive web site.

Suggested activities include environmental and energy saving projects and junior cookery classes ending with a mini master chef competition.

For more information please contact:

David Foster or Allison Joynes, tel: 07952 367312, tel: 01642 773683

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