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Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Nuisance and Hate Crime

If you are currently experiencing anti-social behaviour then please click here for help and advice.

We recognise that anti-social behaviour can have a harmful impact on a community, the environment and an individual. We are committed to prioritising what matters most to our customers to ensure our residents enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security in and around their homes without disturbance or interference from others.

We are constantly looking at ways to support and help people suffering from anti-social behaviour and where it is appropriate, we will use the powers and tools available against the people committing the anti-social behaviour.

We also work with the local authority, the police and other relevant agencies, to tackle these problems. This is reflected in the anti-social behaviour pledge for Middlesbrough, the anti-social behaviour local standard for Stockton and our local offers across the company.

We also work closely with our customers on how we deliver our ASB service.  An ASB customer focus group meets regularly to monitor performance and to discuss views and ideas to help improve our service.  For further information please contact the customer involvement team on 08000 461600 or 01642 256170.

We also undertake early intervention work particularly with young people and families to try and prevent problems before they get worse. This includes direct intervention by our supported housing team or with specialists.

Where neighbours have fallen out we will refer them to our in-house specialist mediation service, which will work with them to sort out the problem. For more information contact your local housing office.

We use a range of tools to deal with tenants who cause problems and breach their tenancy agreements, from warning letters to demotion of tenancies and possession to Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs), injunctions and even eviction in the worst cases.


To show our commitment to tackling anti-social behaviour, we have signed up to the housing sector’s standard “Respect – ASB Charter for Housing”.

The seven building blocks for this standard are:

  • Demonstrates leadership and strategic commitment
  • Provide an accessible and accountable service
  • Take swift action to protect communities
  • Adopt a supportive approach to working with victims and witnesses
  • Encourage individual and community responsibility
  • Have clear focus on prevention and early intervention
  • Ensure that a value for money approach is embedded in our service

Further information is available on

For additional information – please see our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us as shown below.

Contact Us

If you are suffering from nuisance and harassment or anti-social behaviour during office hours please contact your local housing office, click here for details. If you need to contact us about this after hours, simply call our 08000 461600 number (or 01642 261100) at any time of the day or night during evenings, weekends and bank holidays and they will take details of the report for action the next working day. 

Anti-Social Behaviour in your area

If you wish to find out about anti-social behaviour in your area, you can connect to the police website where you will find more information.

Other Useful Contacts

Cleveland Police

01642 326326
(Emergencies Only) 999

Street Wardens

01642 228500

ASB Out of Hours

08000 461600

Middlesbrough Council  Switchboard

01642 245432





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