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Hi and welcome to our page. I am Pete, leader of the PEER Kids and along with my friends we hope to make you more aware of your community and how you can help make a difference.

Along with David Foster we will come into your school for ten weeks and work through the project so you can join my group of friends and become a PEER Kid.

Meet a different one of us each week as we play games, design posters, work with our friends and act out role plays. Get your parents involved by telling them about what you have been doing and by making sure they come to our celebration assembly.

For those I haven’t yet met, I look forward to seeing you and for those who are now PEER Kids I hope you enjoyed our work; remember your promise! Have a look around our site as you might just appear in a photo!

Meet the other PEER kids; Elroy, Ellie and Rosie.

To learn more about each of us, click on the quick links section above.

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telephone 07952 367312

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