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Our Vision, Values and Culture

The Board of Erimus Housing has developed a challenging vision, which will see Erimus Housing become a major regional housing and regeneration player.

Our Vision

'Providing homes and strengthening communities in the Tees Valley.'

Our Values and Culture

Our values provide the guiding principles upon which the actions necessary to achieve our vision will be based. The culture of the organisation is the 'way things are done', and this reflects our core values.

In Erimus Housing:

Our values are: Our culture is based on:
  • To be customer centred
  • To put tenants at the heart of decision making
  • To be fair, ethical and honest
  • To be excellent and innovative
  • To value diversity
  • To provide value for money
  • A 'can do' and 'will do' organisation
  • Team working, collaboration and working in partnership
  • Listening and continually improving
  • Empowering staff and customers
  • Valuing staff commitment
  • Keeping our promises
Our strategic priorities are:
  1. To provide outstanding services to our customers
  2. To provide opportunities for people and places to thrive
  3. To achieve sustainable growth
  4. To be the employer of choice
  5. To achieve business excellence

Erimus Housing

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