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Annual Report, Financial Statement and VFM

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We want to show not only our customers, but all our stakeholders, the massive improvements and changes we have made to their lives, as well as to Middlesbrough and its surrounding community.

That is just one of the reasons we publish our annual reports and value for money statement.

We also want you to know why we have made the changes and how we plan to make a difference in the future, making an impact not only on housing, but also on the wider regeneration of the town and Tees Valley.

As a business we aim to ensure that we effectively manage our operations, our costs and our finances.  As a not-for-profit business, we exist to provide benefit to our communities.  That is our reason for existing, our mission and purpose.  We are a social business.

Value for Money Self-Assessment 2014

At Erimus Housing value for money is about delivering services in the most cost-effective way possible. We aim to achieve a balance between the cost of the service and the social, economic and environmental outcomes for the communities in which we work.

To help make sure that we do this we carry out scrutiny and service reviews that look at whether or not we are delivering the right services, at the right price and in the right way. This is supported by a strategy for making sure that when we buy any works, goods or services we get the best deal possible in terms of quality, added value and price.

We also analyse our performance, costs and customer satisfaction and compare ourselves to other housing providers, to see if we are delivering value for money services.

The business case for the creation of the Thirteen Group in April 2014 was based on value for money principles. By sharing expertise, costs and resources, maximising performance and delivering quality services in the most cost effective way, we can achieve efficiencies to enable us to deliver more in terms of improving services, building new homes, and regenerating the communities in which we work.

Each year we publish a self-assessment on how we are doing in terms of value for money. Developed following consultation with customers, our 2014 Value for Money Self-Assessment can be found here.

Involved customers have helped to develop the 2014 self-assessment for Erimus Housing. They challenged us on the objectives set in the 2013 self-assessment and are satisfied with the outcomes. Customers have approved the commitments set in the 2014 self-assessment and will be involved in monitoring progress and evaluating the outcomes of the initiatives.


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