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Service Standards

Since April 2010 we have been working within a new regulatory framework set by the Tenant Services Authority (TSA).

It has asked that we work with our residents to develop local standards that show how we are delivering services that meet the needs of residents. 

We had already identified what matters most to our customers through the work we did reviewing our services in 2009. Last year we held four consultation events to check back with customers that we had got this right. We have revised our existing service standards using the information we were given and these now form our local offer to you. 

You can download the offer document here.

We always aim to deliver excellent services and we expect that:

  • Our staff will always be polite.
  • You will be treated fairly.
  • We will always take any special needs you may have into consideration and, where we can, tailor our services to meet those needs.
  • When offering our services we will treat everyone fairly no matter what their race, disability, gender, age, sexuality or religious beliefs.


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