Due to its timeless character, wood is the material of choice for several screens. New shop owners tend to be on a tight budget so that they search for cheap tactics to make an attractive wooden screen.

By making their stained wooden crates they could attain exactly the very same results as professionally fabricated versions minus the high price tag.

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Grocery and home improvement shops are great places to find free wooden crates as many vendors ship goods inside them. To wash and blot them, you need a wood cleaner, wood stain, wood brightener, a paintbrush, and a nylon scrub brush. 

If the timber gets darker through cleaning, use a wood brightener which comprises of the active ingredient. This material neutralizes the discoloration and dark tannins contained in particular sorts of wood such as cedar and redwood.

It’s not hard to confuse flea stains with mold thus don’t make this error. If stripes are found, put on the wood brightener to confirm whether they’re tannins. After cleansing and brightening the timber, allow the crates dry for at least 24 hours.

When the timber is dry, then the staining procedure can start. Pick a workout and put paper or a drop cloth on the region to prevent discoloration it. 

Apply the stain with a paintbrush, working at the direction of the grain of this timber, keeping a wet edge. Utilize as much stain as the wood will absorb and cover all surfaces of their crate.