At Erimus Housing, we’re all about people.

Tenants, employees, neighbourhoods, that’s what our days are all about.

We don’t just want people to live in our homes, we want to offer first class, affordable properties, creating sustainable communities where people want to live.

Being a key player in the regeneration of the Tees Valley is also on our list of priorities.

We own around 11,000 homes and employ over 500 people and what’s more, we’re a not-for-profit housing association which means any money we make is ploughed straight back into our homes and services.

We own approximately 11,500 homes across Middlesbrough with around 530 employees providing quality homes and first class services to residents.

Erimus Housing is not just about providing quality homes. Our vision is to be a leading regional housing organisation and regeneration partner, building communities and providing customer focused services.

Erimus Housing is governed by a board, which is made up of 15 people; five tenants/leaseholders, five independent members and five council representatives. The Board plays a vital role in making the decisions on the running of Erimus Housing and ensuring that the commitments, services and performance expected by tenants are delivered. Click here to view our strategic priorities.

Erimus Housing tenants are our priority and they have played, and continue to play, a major part in making decisions that affect them. There are a number of ways in which they can be involved in this process.

Area housing forums are held regularly where residents discuss and make decisions on matters that will affect the area they live in, and the Residents’ Panel, which is made up of residents who represent each area and make decisions on issues which affect Erimus Housing residents as a whole. There are also a number of focus groups which residents become involved in to consider specific areas of work.

A massive improvement programme is well underway which will see more that £100m being invested in Erimus Housing homes across Middlesbrough. The programme is being carried out by Erimus Housing in partnership with Dunelm, Rok and our own in-house team, Erimus Building Services.

Work has also started on projects to improve the environment for tenants including external painting work, fencing and the development of parking spaces.

A Residents’ Resource Centre, which the residents help run, has been established at Cinderwood, Thorntree, and now houses a variety of facilities for tenants to use.

Homechoice, on Corporation Road in Middlesbrough, has been developed as a one-stop shop, providing a variety of services including choice based lettings and homeless and housing advice.